snem k

Snem K

His first steps as a singer in the 80’s, mainly on stage playing with different bands, were influenced by new
wave and punk-funk, meanwhile, at the same time he was studying classical lyric technics.
In the end of the 80’s, Snem K. discovered industrial music, and later electronic music during his trips to Spain,
in Barcelona and Valencia, in the beginning of the 90’s. He decided for a while to stop playing in bands,
isolating himself from collaborations and developing his personal style, far from external influences.
In 2010, Fred Berthet, aka Copyshop aka Dj Steef, and him produced the track “Fate-l’obsession”. La dame noir
team, found in that track the material they were looking to launch their label, La Dame Noir Records. Since
then, collaboration with Fred Berthet has continued and has matured into a main project, an upcoming LP, and
some tracks already produced on 5 different labels.
Meanwhile, Snem K.’s musical appetite highly developed by his long abstinence, he multiplies occasional
collaborations to free his powerful voice with other producers, like the Spanish The Two Mamarrachos, seduced by
their large musical universe and quality productions.

– In collaboration with The Two Mamarrachos on :
Nein records UK (song title “Teach me” – March 2015)
– In collaboration with DJ STEEF aka COPYSHOP, on the following records Labels :
Retrofit (song title : Como un dios del Olimpo)
Gazeebo International (song title : Tiger lady)
Numoment recordings (song title : Old offense)
Grande Buffo (song title : Panem et Circenses)
La dame noir records (song title : Fate – l’obsession)
Remixes by RIchard Sen, the Two Mamarrachos, Remain, Space Ranger and Linntronix

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