Jonah Considine – Shotcrete EP

The Hacker “Really good ep, hard to pick a favorite mix, all are good!”

Ewan Pearson “The Posthuman hard floor tom shuffle is doing it for me. Monoblok also very nice”

Mugwump “Timothy J Fairplay does it again”

Fabrizio Mammarella “Amazing release, loving every track! ”

Kezokichi “Monoblok Mix is sooo good! “

Two Mamarrachos “Love the original – bravo Jonah!”

Man Power “I was fortunate enough to hear Jonah play twice this year at ADE Festival. First of all warming up for me, which was perfect and showed he had a real interest in the craftsmanship of DJing, which is frankly getting rarer and rare. I also heard him playing headline at a daytime party where I was genuinely shocked at the breadth he showed which belies his young age and marks him as somebody to keep an eye on”.

Tronik Youth “A DJ talent way beyond his years and now a production one too!”

Mark Davis Chinny “Cowbell and Alfresco first booked Jonah on the back of listening to a slow chuggy space disco mix. To be honest, it sounded like it had been mixed by a much older experienced DJ. We immediately enquired about our next ALFOS event which is an all dayer in Manchester and the rest is history. It’s massively important for us to find young and new talent, and this has led to an ongoing relationship with Nein Records, the future is very bright for young Mr Considine.”

Jonah Considine releases 2nd single “Shotcrete”
mixes from Timothy J Fairplay
Monoblok & PSLKTR

Following on from his highly acclaimed debut single release ‘Golden Flu’ earlier this year on Nein Records, Jonah Considine releases his follow up this August. The 19 year old London based DJ and producer, draws his influences from a huge range of musical genres and is constantly digging to find new sounds. Currently, he is on a world DJ tour with Tronik Youth and Heretic (one half of Eskimo Twins) to promote Nein Records’ compilation – ‘Nein oh Nein’, as well as holding the reigns at the notorious Midlands club ‘Contradisco’.

Considine’s second single release: Shotcrete opens with a dark electronic ride of bubbling synths, echo and fizz whilst the hypnotic acid builds and swarms. The remix duties are firstly handled by Timothy J Fairplay, he takes his Crimes of The Future style and makes the track a fizzing groove, warped with synths and hissing hats with organ lines rising throughout. Next the duo Posthuman take Shotcrete back to its acid core, pulsing 303s and clanging percussion harking back to the early days of Chicago house. Finally Monoblok & PSLKTR pump the dance floor edge right up, four to the floor drums, arpeggiated bass sounds and dark guitars make this a late night winner.

Jonah Considine – Shotcrete (Monoblok & PSLKTR remix) from arent on Vimeo.

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