Press play and travel to a smokey 80s studio in southern Italy, there is a knackered desk, some fat mono synths
covered in dust, a crappy digital effect box and a pre programmed drum machine that somebody detached from a
Farfisa organ that just plays an endless disco beat blasting angry italo disco from the basement, not exactly what you
have here but it’s the first image you maybe have in your head when you hear an Italo Brutalo production. 21st
century italo vibe, on this ep the title track Spydor growls and menaces into a late nite drive thru the laser filled heart of the city, Come to me now ups the bpms with a bouncing bass and nagging synths that make this a great dancefloor track.

Remix duties are taken care of by Nein boss Tronik Youth, who takes Spydor and draws out the groove to breaking point with a fizzing analogue breakdown. Next, Pin Up Club takes Come To Me Now and smooths out the vibe and layers pads and beautiful synths to it. Drvg Culture takes the track and brutalises it with a menacing groove and jack hammer beat. Finally, Tunnel Signs takes Spydor and gives the track an 80’s acid vibe.


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