Control + S Edits Now Available on Juno

Given the ubiquity of straight-up disco and boogie edits, it’s heartening to see Tronik Youth doing things differently with this fascinating release. The four tracks are decidedly sludgy and left-of-centre, from the dreamy slo-mo Balearica of “Rare Breed”, to the clanking, metallic rhythms and curious rock vocals of the strangely stomping “Electric Baby”. Best of all, though, are the two tracks that bite old EBM and Belgian new beat jams. Opener “What Is Love” is particularly potent, with mid ’80s house riffs riding a deliciously dirty, analogue-heavy new beat groove. The pulsating “Body Heat” – think “Sensoria”-era Cabaret Voltaire with a twist – is almost as good, and one of the most interesting edits you’ll here for a while. Three cheers to Tronik Youth for doing things differently.

Download from the link below